The Westport Mysteries ~ Molly

Every family has their secrets, right?

Wicked Little Lies

Every family has their secrets, right? Those little white lies that hang like skeletons in the closet, no one ever wanting them to see the light of day…

Molly Fuller has pretty much everything she has ever wanted in life: A successful photography business, a cupboard full of Jimmy Choos, and a new man in her life who ticks all the boxes.

But when two pink lines show up on a drugstore pregnancy test and her new boyfriend Matt doesn’t respond the way she’d hoped, Molly’s life starts to spin out of her control. Especially when Matt vanishes into thin air, and Molly can’t find him anywhere.

Where has Matt gone? And why does Molly keep getting anonymous messages about Matt not being who she thought he was?

Determined to learn the truth, Molly decides to do everything in her power to track him down. But she learns everything is not what it seems. As secrets are uncovered and long-buried sins emerge—the person responsible will stop at nothing to keep it all hushed up.

Faced with fires, threats and more than one little lie, Molly and Matt must reunite and together face their fears to unravel the deceit. But will they be able to reveal the truth and get their happy ever after before it’s too late?

Or will those wicked little lies destroy it all?

Wicked Little Lies is the first book in Beth Prentice’s brand new light-hearted, romantic mystery trilogy. If you like crazy families, cozy reads, and a sweet romance, all tied together with a ribbon of danger, then you’ll love Wicked Little Lies.

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