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The Dandelion Ponds Mysteries

What do you do when you wake up dead?

In High Spirits

What do you do when you wake up dead?

The world spins at a thousand miles an hour with no way of slowing it down. We speed through every day thinking there will be a lifetime of seconds and minutes to enjoy. Of course, I knew that at some point this clock will stop ticking, my world will stop turning and I would have to face what happens next. But I’d calculated that if I followed the trend of my grandparents, I would see my 90th birthday which meant I still had 551800 hours left. I mean, I had no reason not to think that. I lived my life being the best person I could be. I always paid my taxes, gave up my seat on the bus to anyone older than me, and I religiously had dinner with my mother every Sunday. I lived the best life I could, I treated people well, and I didn’t have any enemies.

So, what did I do so horribly wrong to deserve that clock to stop prematurely? Well, that was something I intended to find out.

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The Hollyday Spirit

How many Santa’s does it take to commit a murder?

Daisy Montgomery is stuck somewhere between life and death, leaving her spirit roaming Dandelion Ponds. One of the few people who can see her is super sexy Charlie O’Sullivan, a silver lining in an otherwise disarming existence.
When Mrs. Baker, Daisy’s neighbor, and faux grandmother, turns up in the morgue screaming she was murdered by Santa, Daisy is determined to find the killer, so Mrs. Baker can rest in peace. Convincing Charlie to help her find out whodunit isn’t difficult. Finding the murderous Santa amongst the town’s resident Saint Nicks is!
With Christmas Eve approaching and the annual Santa Contest about to bring more wannabe Santa’s into Dandelion Ponds, time is running out for Daisy and Charlie to find the killer and reveal who was behind the beard before another body drops..

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That's The Spirit

It’s New Year’s Eve in Dandelion Ponds and Daisy still hasn’t woken up. Yet that hasn’t stopped her from solving two murders, with the help of her newfound friends, her fiancé and Charlie, the man who’s stolen her heart.

But when her fiancé Logan turns up dead and Charlie is the number one suspect, Daisy must rally her friends to prove his innocence. It doesn’t take long for them to realize a more sinister force is behind it all, and Daisy holds all the information they need to solve the case.

If only she could wake up and remember it.

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