In High Spirits

What do you do when you wake up dead?

The world spins at a thousand miles an hour with no way of slowing it down. We speed through every day thinking there will be a lifetime of seconds and minutes to enjoy. Of course, I knew that at some point this clock will stop ticking, my world will stop turning and I would have to face what happens next. But I’d calculated that if I followed the trend of my grandparents, I would see my 90th birthday which meant I still had 551800 hours left. I mean, I had no reason not to think that. I lived my life being the best person I could be. I always paid my taxes, gave up my seat on the bus to anyone older than me, and I religiously had dinner with my mother every Sunday. I lived the best life I could, I treated people well, and I didn’t have any enemies.

So, what did I do so horribly wrong to deserve that clock to stop prematurely? Well, that was something I intended to find out.

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That's The Spirit


A Free Spirit


If you love a good cozy mystery and you love the surf, then you will love this book!

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This was a delightful read and I hope to see more light and humorous mysteries from this author.

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This book quickly became a page-turner as I could not put this book down. This was an enjoyably fun book and I look forward to more adventures with Sam and her friends in delightfully amusing series.

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An enjoyable novel that will delight those who love to spend time with a cozy mystery.It is a splendid murder mystery that will thrill amateur sleuth readers of any age.

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