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Welcome to the town of Westport!

Hover over the dwellings on the town map to learn more about each character!

Town of Westport

Town of Westport

"This book quickly became a page-turner as I could not put this book down. This was an enjoyably fun book and I look forward to more adventures with Sam and her friends in delightfully amusing series."

Dru's Book MusingsLethal Tide

"This was a delightful read and I hope to see more light and humorous mysteries from this author."

Dru's Book MusingsDeadly Wipeout

"With the perfect balance of humour, romance, and wicked commentary, this novel has opened my heart to more from Beth Prentice. With a well-edited pen, Matilda’s Wish is sure to convert any reader to this fun story with its strong character development and tightly woven plot. As happy endings go, Matilda’s Wish does not disappoint. Now a Beth Prentice fan, I am anxious to read more."

Lisa McCombs for Readers Favourite Book ReviewsMatilda's Wish

"Delightful, romantic and witty. I loved this story so much!"

Tess Wood - best-selling author of Love at First FlightMatilda's Wish

"Beth Prentice weaves a heart-warming story full of love, laughter and just enough suspense to keep you guessing. Matilda’s Wish is the perfect feel-good read. You will fall in love with Tilly!"

Gemma Halliday - New York Times best-selling authorMatilda's Wish

"Dangerous Deeds is funny and witty, with flirting, friendship, and sleuthing. A true delight and an addictive read!"

Anonymous - Readers FavouriteDangerous Deeds

"Beth Prentice delivers another fantastic Lizzie story in a cozy murder mystery so funny and crazy that you won't want to put it down. Give Murder a Hand is a true delight, with a
riveting mystery, crazy family exploits, and a romantic comedy on the side."

Anonymous - Readers FavouriteGive Murder a Hand

"Beth Prentice’s Deathly Desire is a fast-paced and exciting novel that blends the family saga,
thriller and sleuth mystery genres into an entertaining and credible romance."

Anonymous - Readers FavouriteDeathly Desire

"The situations the cast got entangled with was a hoot and I can’t wait for the next book in this delightfully appealing series."

Dru’s Book MusingsDeadly Tails