Wow! So much is happening this week! New releases, sales, giveaways and new books available soon!

The best news is that Fatal Break is now available for pre order!!  I can’t wait for Sam and Casey’s next adventure to be set free into the world and if you’d like to secure your copy so that it’s delivered straight to your device on August 20th the links are below.

As they say, there’s no rest for the wicked! I’m already working on my next book and then I have a new series in the works. It’s a  romantic suspense/cozy mystery and I have it all planned out. Brand new characters, new situations and (hopefully) a great new mystery. I need to finish off Molly’s Story before I can flesh these new guys out though, but in the near future I’m hoping to be able to bring you some news about Evie and Jamie 🙂 Just keep checking this space for an update.

Now if you’re a cozy mystery lover make sure you click here to pre order!