I’ve been told the ticking clock of time catches up to all of us. Children and animals grow up, and eventually I knew that I’d be left with an empty nest. Well, the time has come. The clock struck midnight and a new day dawned, and my babies stretched their wings and flew!

Am I happy about this? Kind of. I’m excited for them to start this new chapter in their lives, and I’m excited to start the next chapter in my story with my hubby. But you see, this empty nest brought with it a double whammy!

Now to tell this tale, I need to take you back eight years and seven months to August 2010.

We’d just lost our old dog Digger and our hearts were hurting. It would be a long time before I would be able to bring another furry friend into our family. I knew that without a doubt. But one afternoon my daughter was flicking through the classifieds and instantly fell in love with the blurry image of a little white ball of fluff. She asked if we could go and see him. Of course, we could. I still wasn’t ready for a new dog, but I could see that my daughter had already bonded with what she imagined this little bundle to be. Well, he didn’t disappoint. One cuddle and we were all hooked. And Theo became a part of our lives.

If you’ve read Killer Unleashed then you would already know Theo, as he was my muse for one of the leading roles. With his personality and funny little ways, how could he not inspire me to write about him? It’s safe to say that everyone who meets Theo instantly falls in love with him. He looks at you with his soulful eyes, he’s in tune to emotion, and he’s very good at getting his point across. If I even mutter the word treat or beach, his ears prick up and he’s either heading to the fridge or his lead. He’s loyal to a particular toy, don’t even think about touching him when he’s asleep, and if you try to feed him something other than chicken, he’ll look at you like you’re trying to poison him  🙂 His thoughts are written all over his tiny, adorable face.

Now fast forward to last week and our daughter moved out of home, taking Theo with her!  I have negotiated a rather good custody agreement, so I will still see him most days, but the fact that neither of them will be around here all the time is going to take some getting used to.

I still have two other dogs, a cat, two guinea pigs, and three birds to keep me company, so I’m hardly going to be lonely. But still, I think I need lots of chocolate to drown my sorrows!

Until next time!

Love and hugs

Beth Xo