How’s your week been going so far?

I’ve been busy getting words onto the page, preparing for my new release that’s coming up in December. That will be here before I know it, which is super exciting but scary all at the same time 🙂

A few weekends ago I had the absolute pleasure of being a signing author at the amazing Books by the Bridge. This particular event was held at Sea World on the gorgeous Gold Coast. Not that I got to see very much of the coast as that day was busy, busy, busy. I love these events because I get to catch up with author friends from around the country, I get to meet new friends, but mostly I love getting to meet my readers! I spend so much time sitting in front of a computer tapping out words, that to get to meet those who read my work is a real treat for me.

Before the event I got super nervous. So many thoughts zipped through my mind like, What if I meet readers who don’t like my work? Or what if no one comes to my table? I stressed for weeks about the set up, and if I had enough swag to give away. I like to give those who pre order from me special editions of my books and some extra swag that’s not otherwise available, but what if it’s not enough? I packed what I had anyway and crossed my fingers.

Then the day arrived. With the help of my lovely friend Ann-maree, we set up the table and then waited for the doors to open.  And do you know what? Readers lined up to see me!!

Events like this remind me that it’s easy to doubt yourself when you sit behind a computer all day and don’t have a lot of face to face contact with you the reader. It’s almost a surreal world where it can feel like you’re not real. But it’s events like this that pull everything into perspective. I get to meet you, to give you a hug and to chat about my characters and what they are going to be doing next. For me, that’s one of the best days ever! Please, if you ever get the opportunity to spend some time at an event like this, I encourage you to do so. They are super fun, you get to find lots of new reads, but mostly you will be giving that author a boost they can’t get anywhere else. The time and energy that you put into reading and loving their words is beyond appreciated, and I guarantee you will make that authors day!

Until next time

Love and hugs

Beth Xo