Name: Alexandra Anderson, leading lady in Invitation to Murder

AGE: 27

Stats: Height – 5’5”

Weight – 127lbs

Address: 403/59 Amity Avenue, Westport, Australia.

Family: She’s the youngest of 4 girls.  Her sisters are Marcie, Daphne and Daisy.

Best Friend: Georgie.

First celebrity crush: Johnny Depp.

First real life crush: Tommy Barnes.  He was in the year ahead of her in high school, blond hair, blue eyes, and according to Alex, had the body of a teenage god.

Occupation: At the moment – Office/admin assistant at a Terry’s Electrical in Westport.

Education: Westport State High School.

Personality quirks: She has a gypsy like intuition.  If it feels wrong, it generally is wrong.

Bad Habits: She’s a neat freak.

Favorite foods: Anything with chocolate on it!

Life’s ambition: To holiday in Aloha Lagoon, Kauai.

Perfect date: Dinner and a movie.  With a large packet of Maltesers and a large slushie, of course.

Go to food when she’s upset: Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

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