The Westport Mysteries ~ Lizzie

How many secrets can one house hide?

Dangerous Deeds

When one door closes, another opens… or falls off its hinges. Can this woman survive the renovation of her life? 

Lizzie Fuller’s lackluster existence needs a serious remodel. So when a fixer-upper tugs at her heartstrings, she hires a handsome handyman and tries to ignore her dwindling feelings for her boyfriend. But when she finds an engagement ring and a cache of old letters hidden under the attic floorboards, she embarks on a quest to learn why this forbidden affair died.

Working with her hunky contractor to reunite the shiny band with its owner, Lizzie unexpectedly finds her own love life getting a makeover. But when she discovers someone watching her from the shadows, her revamped world could come screeching to a halt.

Will Lizzie’s new passion project blow the roof off her romance, or will a stalker bring her dreams crashing down?

Dangerous Deeds is the first cozy tale in The Westport Mysteries series. If you like handy heartthrobs, suspenseful puzzles, and quirky characters, then you’ll adore Beth Prentice’s charming story.

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Give Murder A Hand

Just when Lizzie thought the only problems she had in life were her crazy family and far too many nightmares, the house reveals yet another secret. This time it’s a skeleton in the back yard. But the unusual thing about this skeleton is that it has an extra hand. Why? Well, that’s what Lizzie wants to find out. But nothing is that easy, is it?

Plus her drop dead gorgeous boyfriend Riley’s had enough of her nightmares and wants her to get professional help. Only when that professional help comes in the form of a long legged blonde who just happens to be Riley’s ex-girlfriend, Lizzie feels reluctant to reveal her deepest, darkest fears. Especially when her deepest, darkest fear is losing Riley to a long legged blonde ex-girlfriend. But this blonde seems to have a particular interest in Lizzie’s life. Is it just Riley she’s after? Or is there another reason she always seems to be around whenever Lizzie’s life is in danger?

Near misses with death, a super hot policeman with a crush, Grandma’s new boyfriend, a garden full of senior citizens, and Bradley the owner of Westport Tours, all make Lizzie’s life interesting, to say the least.

But can she find the truth before the For Sale sign gets hammered into the ground? Or will the secrets take Lizzie to an early grave?

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Deathly Desire

When the past comes back to haunt you.

Lizzie is ready for a new adventure in her life, and it doesn’t take long for her to find it. After hitting the For Sale sign in to the ground of her house of mysteries, she is quickly charmed by another old house that is in desperate need of some love and attention. Only the house has a secret of its own. Who is its owner? Why is he so hard to find? And why does he own nine other deserted homes in Westport?

Keen to start this new chapter in her life, and with the help of her crazy family, her drop dead gorgeous boyfriend Riley, and the super sexy policeman that has just declared his undying love for her, Lizzie stumbles from one clue to the next. But when her past reappears and mixes with her future everything she has ever loved is at stake.

Can Lizzie solve the forty-year-old mystery so that she and Riley can begin their next chapter together? Is her past really back to get her, or is there a copycat in Westport? Or will the star of her nightmares destroy everything before it even begins?

Lizzie’s next adventure may not be as much fun as she had hoped.

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The Christmas Gift

Lizzie’s back! It’s her first Christmas with Riley and time for a new tradition. This year it’s a real tree that Lizzie wants. So a visit to ‘Happy Christmas Trees’ is on the to do list. And with the help of Earl, the elderly gentleman with a limp, she even finds the perfect tree.

But the tree comes with a mystery gift – a beautiful etched glass bauble that sends prisms of light dancing around the room.

But why did Lizzie get the bauble? And why has no one at ‘Happy Christmas Trees’ ever heard of Earl?

This Christmas Lizzie will stumble along a journey where the past merges with the present, and where she learns the true meaning of the holidays.
The Christmas Gift

PREVIOUSLY TITLED *It Started With A Christmas Tree*

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Dangerous Deeds is funny and witty, with flirting, friendship, and sleuthing. A true delight and an addictive read!

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Beth Prentice delivers another fantastic Lizzie story in a cozy murder mystery so funny and crazy that you won't want to put it down. Give Murder a Hand is a true delight, with a riveting mystery, crazy family exploits, and a romantic comedy on the side.

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Beth Prentice’s Deathly Desire is a fast-paced and exciting novel that blends the family saga, thriller and sleuth mystery genres into an entertaining and credible romance.

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