I was lucky enough to feature in ARR2019 authors spotlight recently! Here’s the post:

We’re featuring a wide range of Australian authors participating in ARR2019 in venues across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. 

Today we’re having Elevenses with Beth Prentice, author of four romances in the genres of funny, romantic, mysteries. She will be attending ARR2019 in Brisbane.

When did you first realise you wanted to be an author?

About six years ago. Up until then my background was accounting and writing had never even been considered.

Why romance and not a different genre?

Love makes the world turn. It makes us feel good and I enjoy writing about it. Most of my books have a mystery element, but I believe it’s the romance that people connect with.

What was the first romance you read and why did you love it?

PS I Love You. Not Cecelia Ahern’s book, but one in a teenage love series. It made me cry and was the first time I remember falling in love with a character.

What is the single most important characteristic for an aspiring author wanting to be a published writer?

Patience. It takes a long time to write a book and even longer to see it published.

What is your favourite part of creating a story?

Character creation

What is your best tip for fighting writer’s block/writer’s fear?

Keep writing. Even if what gets put on the page may not be what you want, it will help to unblock the creative juices.

Pick a favourite (bold your preference)

  • series or stand-alone?
  • ebook, paperback or hardcover?
  • first person or third?

Who has been an inspiration to you, in life or your writing career?

My kids were and still are my inspiration. I wanted to show them that no matter who you are, you’re capable of anything. It pushed me to follow a dream that I had and to follow it through. They still encourage me to strive harder every day.

Tell us about your latest release, Untamed Destinies, in 100 words or less

I had the absolute pleasure of working with two gorgeous authors on this anthology. Untamed Destinies is three uniquely different novellas, with differing heat levels, and in different genres, but at the core of them all is finding your soulmate. Catherine Evans writes a gorgeous rural romance, Kim Petersen drifts into the mystical world of psychically connecting with your soulmate, and I write a sweet romance with a touch of mystery. Together we’ve created a book where the reader can escape into diverse worlds with contrasting styles, and hopefully find their next favourite author.

What else will you be working on in 2019?

I have a number of things. I’m finishing the third in a mystery series that I have been working on with my publisher, but then I’m working on writing Molly’s Story. Molly has been a significant character in The Westport Mysteries, and it’s time to tell her tale.

Please recommend an Aussie romance you read recently

Rachel Johns’ Talk of the Town. I loved it!

If you haven’t booked your ticket for ARR2019 yet, you can buy one here.