I know I say it all the time, but geez Louise – where has the month gone?

Thankfully I’ve been checking things off the to do list and my desk is now a blank slate as I’ve put the final touches to Fatal Break. I have started an outline for a new mystery series but more on that later. At the moment I think I’ll enjoy a much needed break. Until July starts anyway. Then I’m so busy that the rest of the year will pass in a blur.

Fatal Break has a release date – August 20th! That’s only 55 days away 🙂 Oh boy!  I have a lot to organise between now and then as I’m attending the Romance Writers of Australia conference in Melbourne a few weeks prior to that. I’m really excited as this will be the first time I’ve attended this conference and I can’t wait to learn, meet new friends, and the best part of all – catch up with old friends.

September sees me at Books by the Bridge at Sea World on the gorgeous Gold Coast, and then October I’ll be in Hawaii at Romanticizing Hawaii!! I’m beyond excited to be at all of these events, but the thought of being back in Hawaii brings that extra joy to my day 🙂 In case you hadn’t realised I LOVE Hawaii! lol.

Speaking of which Lethal Tide is now in a boxed set. This is the second book I wrote in the Aloha Lagoon series and follows Samantha Reynolds as she stumbles along solving crimes. What a great time to catch up on her adventures so far, and you also get to meet some of the other characters from the deadliest little spot in Hawaii! (don’t you just love that description of Aloha Lagoon? Gemma, you’re the master!)

A few months ago I shared Samantha’s character profile, so I thought to celebrate the Aloha Lagoon Samantha Reynolds Mysteries I’d let you get to know her boyfriend Casey a little bit better! And if you’d like to know who I visualise when writing Casey just scroll to the bottom of the page.  (It’s a tough life being a writer *sigh* 🙂 )

Name: Casey Dalton

AGE: 32

Born: Portsmouth, England

Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: 190lbs

Home: Two story beach hut across the road from the beach

Family: Mum, Dad, five sisters and six nieces. They all live in the UK and I miss them a lot.

Best Friends: Samantha closely followed by her brother Luke

First celebrity crush: Natalie Portman

First real-life crush: Ashley Binder. She was the year ahead of me in school and was the star track and field athlete. Unfortunately, she never even knew I existed.

Occupation: Head bar tender at The Lava Pot

Education: Bummed through high school, but loved attending the European Bartender School in Sydney, Australia.

Favorite place: Watching at the ocean from what Samantha has affectionately named Casey’s Rock.

Favorite drink: To drink myself – Beer.  To make for someone else – any cocktail. I graduated at the top of my class in Flair 

Life’s ambition: To have my own bar

Perfect date: Anything with Samantha