Well March has whizzed by already and it was another busy one. I had the privilege of being an attending author at Australian Romance Readers Association Romantic Rendezvous, in Brisbane, where I had lots of laughs and lots of fun chatting romance books all day. Of course my books aren’t traditional romance, but they all have a romantic element woven through the mystery. My new novel that I have just started working on is going to be no different. I don’t have a title yet, but I have an outline and have already started work on the character profiles.

It got me to thinking that it might be fun to share some of my character profiles I have already written.  And as Dangerous Deeds is the special of the month, I figured sharing the leading lady Lizzie’s profile was a good place to start!

Name: Lizzie Fuller, leading lady in The Westport Mysteries

AGE: 32

Stats: Height: 5’ 2”

Weight: 110lbs

Address: 3 May Street, Westport, Australia

Family: The middle child. Older sister Molly, brother Danny, Mum and Dad, and Grandma Mabel

Best Friends: Riley. Then her sister Molly

First celebrity crush: Leonardo DiCaprio. He was so dreamy.

First real life crush: Billy Mallet. She nearly died when he asked her to the Blue Light disco.

Occupation: Currently reassessing her life

Education: Westport State High School

Personality quirks: Says “sorry” a lot

Bad habits: Says “sorry” a lot

Favorite foods: Is coffee considered a food?

Life’s ambition: To sell her house in May Street

Perfect date: Any night with Riley

Go to food when she’s upset: Coffee